PTA Board

The Beacon Hill International School (BHIS) PTA is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers. Join the PTA Leadership team and lend your skills and enthusiasm to support and enhance our children’s education!

The board of directors is comprised of the executive committee and all committee chairs as designated by the board. Executive committee members are the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, and are elected by a simple majority at a general membership meeting in the spring. Committee chairs are appointed by the president and approved by the executive committee at a board meeting.

Any position may be co-chaired. Positions are filled for a term of one year and commence on July 1. Individuals may be reappointed to a maximum of one additional term.

Current PTA committee vacancies are highlighted as OPEN below. If you have questions about the roles and responsibilities of BHIS PTA Board positions, please contact any of the board members listed below.

Role Name
President Carolyn Feng
Vice President Manuhuia Barcham
Secretary Ben Bergsten-Buret
Treasurers Heather Hart
Letha Hudek
Communications Co-Chairs Melissa Shapiro
Erika Warner-Court
Event Planning Chair Jenn Bernert
Fundraising Chair Ivy Lim
Membership Chair Peter Ehrenkranz
Pod Parent Committee Chair Melissa Shapiro
Readathon Coordinator Karla Sugitani
Grant Writing Peter Ehrenkranz
Olivia Beaufait
Web Coordinator Ben Bergsten-Buret
Teacher Liaison Maria Guzman
Latino Family Liaison Rosa Castro
 Red Apple Receipts and Box Tops coordinator Connie Cho
T-shirt sales coordinator OPEN
Teacher/Staff appreciation OPEN
Chinese Family co-Liaisons OPEN
Yearbook Coordinator  OPEN
East African Family Liaison  OPEN
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